Creative "Share First" Strategy Unlocks Guest's Secrets

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My "Share First" strategy is used to get people to open up, and frequently they open up followed by, "I've never told anyone that in my life." This is where all interviewers want to get their guests. It is a non-evasive method and it takes the nervousness and insecurity out of the equation. Podcasters will relish in the fact they can help a guest pull out the key life changing thoughts of any guest. It comes from me inviting the person to coffee, and begin by thanking them for showing up, and tell them I've noticed there is something bothering them or it seems like you are carrying a heavy burden. The magic is when I start off by explaining my heavy loads/adversity/poor decision in the past and the pain they caused, how I responded to that, and the freedom that follows when you come clean and live a transparent life. What follows is your friend dumping a ton of things and usually becoming very emotional....because they've never felt safe enough to share anything like that....... Why learn about the "Share First" strategy? This can be the major difference between your podcast and any others in your field. You will have the richest, most sought after conversations with guest, just by opening yourself first. The gold will follow.


Randy Brown
Randy Brown

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